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Is Brand Your Career the Right Fit For You?

Amazing things happen when your background, personality and objectives are well-matched with my process and abilities. My services may not be a match for everyone, and that’s OK. If I can’t help you, I can refer you to someone who can.

You’re probably a good fit if:

Marketing or sales is in your DNA and you’re currently at a director-level or higher position: After 19+ years working in corporate communications, direct marketing and product management, I understand your lingo and know what hiring managers are looking for.

You’re motivated:
I work well with people who take initiative.

You believe in investing in yourself: The money you invest in career marketing services not only will come back to you in the time you knock off from your job search, but it will help you truly understand your personal brand and how to build that going forward in your career.

You realize you’re too close to your career to look at it objectively: I’ll help you figure out which career accomplishments are most relevant to your target position and then frame your background in the best light possible.

You’re a superstar when it comes to selling or promoting your company’s products, but don’t feel comfortable promoting yourself: I’ll help you discover your strengths and develop stories to highlight them.

You know your target position: Just like you know your target market for the products you sell, you should know what type of position would bring out your strengths.

We might not be the best if:

You’re in a hurry: High quality resumes take time to develop. It typically takes 10-14 business days from the time we complete all information gathering to provide you with new materials.

You’re in the medical, academic or government field: Doctors, educators or federal workers are not in our wheelhouse of knowledge, but I know experts in these areas and would be happy to refer you.

You’re just at the beginning of your career: Yes, everyone has to start somewhere. I can recommend some great writers that specialize in young professionals. Then when you’re at the director level come back and let me help you make your next career move.

You just want a resume or an update to your resume: I believe in preparing our clients for every situation that will arise in your job search. This means I arm you with a personal branded resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter at a minimum. I only update resumes for past clients.

You’re unsure of what type of career you’re looking for: When you don’t have a direction for your career, there isn’t a way for me to create a targeted resume that highlights your unique values. I will gladly refer you to a career coach or life coach to help get the direction you may need.

You live outside the United States: Different countries have different nuances for resumes. My expertise is in résumés written for positions in the U.S.

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