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Director of Business Development and Marketing


Candice approached me when she learned the hospital she was working for was going to shut down and she was going to be out of a job. She had actually hired a professional writer in the past, but was disappointed in the results she got, and went back to her original document. Her current resume was very dense with a list of tasks instead of accomplishments and had no summary section at all.

Candice’s goal was to land a more executive-level position because she knew she had the experience and capability to handle it. So I focused on her leadership and business growth skills in the summary section in order for hiring managers to get a quick picture of the value she could bring to an organization.

In her experience section I cut down the scope of each position to a few lines and bulleted out her accomplishments so it clearly showed she was a go-getter. In just 6 months after her employer closed, Candice landed her next role.

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