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Job Search Coaching

Coaching for career advancement

Engaging a Career Coach or Job Search Coach is where the rubber meets the road in the Brand Your Career program. The first two strategic components, developing your personal brand and writing your resume and career marketing materials, will only get you so far.

When you add in coaching, you then become engaged as an active player in your career search.

Even with a well-written resume and perfected marketing materials, your job hunt requires more than the paperwork. Your soft skills, communication (internal and external) and being a job market sleuth need to be stellar. In this Brand Your Career segment, you can expect to us to address these topics at a minimum:

  • Create a roadmap for landing your job
  • Let go of limiting beliefs
  • Increase your confidence in your active job search
  • Negotiate the salary you deserve
  • Communicate your value-add in interviews
  • Position yourself as a perfect fit
  • Eliminate frustration of the job search process
  • Reduce the time it takes to land your ideal job
  • Discover the “hidden” job market
  • Network effectively on LinkedIn and in person
  • Respond to employer calls in line with your personal brand
  • Take charge of your career

In the Personal Branding section of Brand Your Career, the Fascination Advantage assessment will give you a strategic crucial awareness of how others perceive you. As your job search coach, it may be helpful for you to know the important factors about my Fascination Profile archetype so you can determine if my approach will work best as your career coach.

My archetype is called The Gravitas – a combination of Trust + Power. You can expect me to think linearly, approach challenges methodically and help keep you grounded. Think: creating order from chaos. (I get plenty of practice raising twin boys.) I am the calm in your career search storm, providing deliberate certainty in every stage of your strategic approach toward hitting your targeted employment goal.

Coaching is about urgency. Every month you are either underemployed or in your wrong job as a sales or marketing executive is costing you thousands of dollars.

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