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The great things about partnering with Michelle are that she’s very experienced in the corporate world, keeps up on the latest in the career development industry, AND truly cares about the success of her clients. I had the pleasure to work right alongside Michelle in the corporate world (product management, marketing, sales enablement) and was always pleased with her performance. It’s why I hired her to help me with my personal career marketing materials. Michelle provides the objective advice that is often difficult to find inside your own workplace or network. She has an effective process for getting to know new clients (even when they are former colleagues) and quickly delivers a wide variety of critical materials that uniquely position and highlight you to stand out from your competition. Working with Michelle is absolutely time well spent and I could not recommend her any higher.

Tina Rajski, Senior Product Manager, Buffalo Grove, IL

You know you found a talented career consultant when peers in her industry recommend you talk to her. This is exactly how I found Michelle. When I wasn’t getting calls from either online ads or recruiters, I knew my resume and LinkedIn profile were doing a poor job in representing me. Initially I contacted Michelle to redo my resume and profile. Instead I hired her as a career coach. It was clear after our first conversation she could also able help source leads for jobs and improve my interviewing skills. Through her program we rewrote and edited my resume. Within the first week of sending out my new resume I got 8 interviews and 10X (and counting) the amount of calls. And this is before applying any of the LinkedIn strategies we discussed. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs a career reboot like I did (especially if you are a senior executive or a sales / marketing professional).

Adam Cohen, VP Marketing & Sales, Los Angeles, CA

I feel fortunate to have discovered Michelle after my position was impacted after 15 years with the same company. Michelle was instrumental in guiding me to identify not only my strengths, but also understanding how this would translate into my next career move. She took the time to understand my challenges and goals and helped me to do the same. After a couple of strategy sessions she came up with an awesome resume that adequately covered my vast sales and marketing experience, which rose above the clutter. My resume received praise at every interview. She also provided key pointers for interviewing to keep my focus on my CAR stories (Challenge, Action, Response), which was quite valuable. I give Michelle credit for my landing my dream job by listening to her advice! I feel confident that Michelle will do the same for you!

Cindy Skach, Senior Marketing Leader, San Diego, CA

Going into a job search after not having looked for 5+ years, I didn’t realize what it entails and how much it has changed in only a short time. Michelle makes an often impersonal and highly competitive process more manageable. When you first start searching for a job, it can be overwhelming. However, working with Michelle allows you start at square one and take the process step-by-step. You start from the beginning and the end result is a unique resume, of which I’ve had excellent feedback from multiple sources, and a more confident job seeker who is ready for anything. I’m happy to report that with Michelle’s help, I’ve received a highly competitive offer with a compensation package I never would have received without her help. Michelle will be my first resource if and when I’m ready to start looking again.

Chelsea, Marketing Director, Chicago, IL

During our initial conversation I was very impressed with Michelle’s ability to quickly grasp what I was looking to accomplish in branding my career. With her marketing background, branding expertise and a few in-depth conversations Michelle was able to truly represent who I am as a marketing professional. She took my outdated resume and LinkedIn Page and gave both a much-needed makeover. My journey with Michelle solidified things about myself that I can and will use as part of my Professional Brand. The experience was well worth my time, money and effort.

Pat Jones-Petrick, Marketing Director, Orlando, FL

I had the pleasure of working with Michelle as I was going through a career transition. I was unsure of how ageism and other factors might affect my search. So, originally, what I thought I needed was just somebody to help me put my collateral together.

Michelle exceeded my expectations. She educated me on the process of job search and held me accountable for the networking activities required to find the right role in the hidden job market. She helped me better define my brand and understand how to effectively demonstrate my skills, which allowed me to differentiate myself from similar candidates.

In just a little over 3 months, I landed a general manager role in my industry. I’m confident engaging with Michelle led to a much shorter transition time and helped me negotiate an offer I was delighted with.

Ron Ramsey, Vice President of Sales, Hawthorn Woods, IL

I secured my dream job that I had been hoping for. The resume Michelle created and breathed new life into for me was, no doubt, a big part of my interviewing here. I heard from both my recruiting manager and the HR manager here at my company that they loved how my experience was framed, and that a number of people were very excited to talk to me (something that wouldn’t have been the case with my old, cumbersome and clunky resume!).

Lauren Dunn, Advertising Manager, Los Angeles, CA

Michelle turned my draft resume into a clear, compelling and attractive document. I regularly hear ‘You have a very impressive resume’ from hiring managers.

Emily Hartnell, Product Manager, Evanston, IL

My goal was to get the best visibility possible amongst the hiring managers and recruiters for new potential career opportunities. I spoke with Michelle and immediately I knew that she was smart, knowledgeable and very thorough in her research and due-diligence.

I am proud to say that because of the changes that Michelle made to my resume and LinkedIn Profile, I had over 50 – 75 companies reach out to me about new career opportunities. This is tenfold from what I was experiencing before I had done the updates and hired Michelle.

The interviewing process was laborious and challenging at times, but I know that if I had not hired Michelle to coach me and update my resume/LinkedIn page I would still be looking for a new career opportunity.

Linda Kapsa, VP of Business Development, Chicago, IL

If you want to differentiate yourself and stand out above the competition, I highly recommend Michelle. Based on my tenure and professional accomplishments in numerous global B2B and B2C industries and markets, I needed someone who understood marketing professionals and how to take pertinent career information and focus that into a personal value proposition and brand. That person is Michelle… she gets it! From her personal analysis, outstanding resume writing, LinkedIn profiling and ongoing career coaching, Michelle enables you with the tools, processes and confidence necessary to turn you into a marketing machine.

Larry Wegner, Director of Global Marketing Communications, Bartlett, IL

Michelle is amazing. Her knowledge of her field, passion for helping career professionals reach their goals and optimistic attitude make her a must-have partner if you’re looking to brand your career and land your dream job. I worked with Michelle recently and she helped me 1) clarify my goals, 2) nail my professional brand and 3) create a personal multi-pronged marketing plan. Do it! Your’e worth it and she’s worth it too!

Susanne Peterson, Marketing Manager, Santa Cruz, CA

It was a real pleasure working with Michelle! Michelle not only did an outstanding job developing a profile of me, but was able to execute this on paper to tell my story. She was so effective in doing this I was able to make a transition from retail management into consulting with one of the most well-respected firms in its niche market. Michelle was very supportive of my need to transition and assured me that it is okay to leave a job if you have a plan, and part of that plan starts with a great resume and a great story.

Zach Parkes, Solution Advisor, Chicago, IL

Michelle has helped me with my career branding since 2001. She’s gotten me through two downsizings, and two advancing career moves. This most recent time, I sent my resume to three companies, and received two offers in just three months. You can bet the next time I’m ready to move ahead in my career, I’m working with Michelle.

Eric, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning Manager, Chicago, IL

I was pleasantly surprised by how accurately the materials Michelle provided described me. Revealing my essence was out of my comfort zone and Michelle captured it in a rich yet concise brand image. This is just what I needed for people to see the value I can provide and get to the next step in my career.

Avi Kaufman, Business Analyst, Chicago, IL

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