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After 20 years as a marketing professional, it comes naturally for me to create marketing programs that help my clients stand out in their noisy, competitive market niches. While working in corporate marketing in graphic design, direct marketing then product management, I did it all, from concept to production. I was consumed with measuring the results we got for our B2B organizations. Nothing is different today. I’m still consumed with results – only now for my clients.

About Michelle Robin

Towards the end of my tenure in corporate marketing, I started this side job writing resumes because it fit well with my marketing and graphic design background. I could also use my writing skills from my journalism degree. I found helping clients get over their fears related to career advancement quite fulfilling – to the point that I will go on record to say I was a bit of a job search geek – doing job search strategy just for fun.

I was both curious and appalled with the Gallup statistics which reported that only about 35% of U.S. employees are engaged at work. That means 65% of the working population is in some form of disenfranchised “drift” state – dreading Mondays, feeling frustrated, stretched to capacity, no time for their creative sides to solve issues, all of it.

Working in my wheelhouse has been golden for my clients as I know the language, demands, and expectations from working for a couple decades in the marketing world.

I knew I could do something about that dismal statistic, given my instinctive joy in job search, and apply it to the segment of the working world I knew best: branding, marketing and sales. It was time to help that 65% take charge of their careers to find the right environment and role to feel engaged at work again.

Boom. It hit me. In my direct marketing days, I was always innovating ways to personalize campaigns and write marketing copy to illicit response. How rewarding could my career be if I simply:

  • Used my response marketing content writing skills
  • Wrote about job search, a subject that truly jazzed me
  • Worked with people that I truly understood — sales and marketing professionals

Wow, DREAM JOB nailed!

I’m Michelle Robin, Chief Career Brand Officer and owner of Brand Your Career. The side job I started in 2013 has morphed into a comprehensive personal branding, career marketing and job search coaching one-stop shop for executive-level sales and marketing professionals. Working in my wheelhouse has been golden for my clients as I know the language, demands and expectations from working for a couple decades in the marketing world.

Sometimes referred to as the “Extreme Career Makeover Girl”, I take the pressure off reworking what isn’t functioning for the way you want your career to go. We transform YOU and your career brand into a full package to WOW ­­your target employer.

I strive to make our work together fun and get you hired for work you love.

Although based out of Buffalo Grove, IL, just outside of Chicago, job seekers nationally can benefit from my in-depth personal branding approach, comprehensive career marketing materials and targeted job search coaching. Being obsessed with calls to action, my objective is to illicit responses that get you hired faster into the target position you want.

I take the time to get to know my clients well. When working with you to develop your personal brand, you will appreciate that you are more than your personal assessments, the job titles on your history of business cards and even your accomplishments. I help reflect your tone, style and personality to promote yourself how you naturally show up as your best.

We all have aspects of our lives that round out our working careers. For example, I love art fairs because of the unique pieces you can find, especially jewelry and clothing. In fact, wearing funky jewelry pieces is part of my personal brand. Also, I am a huge fan of HGTV and am continually amazed at the transformation of spaces. I view the transformation of spaces similarly to what I do for my clients’ career makeovers.

By highlighting a few personal interests, one might conclude that I am interested in art, design and branding naturally. I do the same for your brand. You have natural likes, dislikes and capabilities that are unique and valuable. Authenticity matters in your career search.

Upon getting to know you, I can highlight through personal brand materials, professional resume and job search coaching tools what you bring to your next employment opportunity naturally. I am an award-winning resume writer, a member of the National Resume Writers Association (NRWA) and the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARW/CC).

Staying on trend in the ever-changing world of job search is important for me to create powerful career marketing campaigns for my clients that lead to interviews at their target organizations. I blogged for Target Marketing Magazine and my work has been published in the books, Modernize Your Resume and Modernize Your Job Search Letters.

I believe you will enjoy both the process and take-aways as I strive to make our work together fun and get you hired for work you love. Remember?…I think job search is FUN!

It’s time to set yourself apart. Let’s get you hired faster.


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