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It’s Not Your Fault

You’re amazing at what you do. Former employers rave about you. You’ve tweaked your resume to incorporate just the right keywords, but you’re not getting interviews.

And it’s not like that is all you’re doing. That’s not the way you work – sit and wait.

In fact, you haven’t stopped applying for jobs and networking for weeks (maybe even months) straight. Writing cover letters, meeting for coffee, updating your LinkedIn profile…

You’ve been reaching out to your network and for all the promises made, the actual face-to-face interviews for opportunities that excite you has been less than stellar – in fact, it pains you to see your ROI is barely .1% (yes, that is point one percent).

You’re a positive person, so you’re okay.

I mean, thank goodness for that right? Because if you weren’t such a go-getter, you’d be curled up in bed surrounded by candy wrappers with your phone set to airplane mode.

Because for all your energy and hard work the thing that you DON’T have – the ONLY thing that would actually shift your reality – is CLARITY around what to do next that would ACTUALLY WORK.

You know you’re a valuable employee.

You know you can change the trajectory of an organization’s revenue if only you could get in front of the right hiring manager.

But you’re spending an AWFUL amount of effort ignoring that voice in your head that’s been screaming at you saying you’re out time and energy, and you still rarely get past a phone screen.

That next 6-figure role is just a pipedream.

I get it and IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT.

I’ve seen so many marketing executives exactly where you are.

They’re smart, driven and 100% committed. They KNOW they have awesome skills and ideas but have been frustratingly unable to get noticed by their target companies.

They’re making it harder than it has to be because they don’t know any better.

My clients have been there. What if I told you that with a few simple shifts they started to get 10X the number of calls for interviews than they did before.

What if I told you that it was possible to be more in CONTROL of your job search?

What if you could pare down your activities and focus JUST on the ones that actually matter?

The ones that attract your ideal employers.

Employers that need someone with your skills and are willing to pay you the salary you deserve.

And what if you could figure out how to get from where you’re stuck right now to where you feel rejuvenated about your search in a matter of one conversation?

I’m not kidding.

We call it a Brand to Land Breakthrough Session for a reason.

Talk to me and you’ll never look at your job search the same way again.

Of course, you have to be a marketing executive who is AWESOME at what you do.

And you have to be committed to embracing what makes you different when it comes to marketing your value. Which will require you to shift your mindset about what’s actually possible for you.

A targeted search is DEFINITELY more effective. But it’s not necessarily easy (people tend to get very attached to ALL their abilities).

But if you’re DONE struggling and are ready to take charge of your career, it’s time.

Here’s that link to book a call, www.brandyourcareer.com/apply.

Spots fill fast and it’s first come, first served. Please make sure you fill the brief questionnaire so we can prep properly for you. If you don’t, we will cancel your call and give your slot to someone else.

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