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How To Boost Your Confidence

Whether you are in an active job search or simply trying to get ahead in your current role, things are going to happen that take a toll on your confidence. Self-confidence is really a mindset that takes effort to maintain. It takes time to master, but once you do, you’ll really see a shift in the direction of your career.

Here are three effective ways to boost your confidence:

1. Do a Power Pose

A while back I wrote about social psychologist Amy Cuddy and the research she did on body language. Her research showed that certain “power poses” like standing with your hands on your hips raise testorterone levels and lower cortisol levels, making you feel more confident. If you want to see more, check out her Ted Talk.

Besides a power pose, just putting on a smile and taking care to dress nicely can help boost your confidence, too. When you look good and act happy you feel better.

2. Destroy Negative Thoughts

We all suffer from negative self-talk or self-limiting beliefs. The important thing to know is to recognize when it’s happening so you can turn around those negative thoughts. Ask yourself if these thoughts are really true. Then picture what you could be without these thoughts. When you start imagining the possibilities it turns into positive energy and that leads to positive action.

3. List What You’re Most Proud of Accomplishing

I like this one especially after you’ve just gotten a rejection. Make a list of all the things you’re proud that you accomplished in the last week. Even if it’s just something minor like you got to sleep on time for 3 nights in a row. When you write down these things it’s like reliving the accomplishment and it triggers your brain to experience the satisfaction of completing that task again. You can also make a list of the top 3-5 things you are most proud of in your career, and keep that to re-read when you’re feeling like you need a confidence boost.

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