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Job search strategy is more than a well-written resume and cover letter. Much more!
At Brand Your Career, we offer a 3-step comprehensive program to uncover your magnificence and master your career:

Personal Branding

DEVELOP your personal brand by learning the who, what and how of YOU to start attracting the right opportunities!

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Career Marketing

BUILD your marketing materials: resume, cover letters, LinkedIn profile, etc. to support you in today’s job search.

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Job Search Coaching

Coaching you for JOB SEARCH SUCCESS. We cover it all: mindset, negotiating, and communicating your brand!

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Face It. Job search is not for the faint of heart. Gone are the days of submitting resumes and waiting for recruiter calls. Career advancement now requires a strategic, engaged and focused plan.

At Brand Your Career, we specialize in discovering your personal brand and creating resumes and related career marketing materials to give you the edge you need to differentiate yourself. We top that with the career coaching necessary to fast track your executive-level sales or marketing job search.

As a sales or marketing professional, you know there is something to be said for marrying cutting-edge with tried and true. Our full-spectrum career consultancy combines those same principles as we modernize your job search.

Did you know that a recruiter can get up to 1,500 resumes for a single job opening? How can you be “noticed” in that noise and static?

To quote Don Draper, “Success comes from standing out, not fitting in.” Your career story is what will get you noticed. No one else can own your story even if someone owns your job title. So if you answer, “What do you do?” with “I’m a marketing director” or “I do business development”, you’re not standing out.Job search strategy is more than a well-written resume and cover letter. Much more!

At Brand Your Career, we offer a 3-step comprehensive program to uncover your magnificence and master your career:

  1. Develop your personal brand – learn the who, what and how of YOU
  2. Build your marketing materials – resume, cover letters, LinkedIn profile, etc.
  3. Coach for success – mindset, negotiating, communicating your brand

We leave no stone unturned when it comes to your career readiness. You can trust we will do our part to deliver. However, the magic key to your career success is your willingness to be an active contributor in your job search. Creating a stellar marketing message which articulates your unique genius will only perform as far as YOU are willing to work it.

Get serious about that promotion that passed you by one too many times. Harness your self-confidence. Maximize your talent, income and opportunities by finding your ideal job. Let’s connect to strategize your path to career success!

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You know you found a talented career consultant when peers in her industry recommend you talk to her. This is exactly how I found Michelle. When I wasn’t getting calls from either online ads or recruiters, I knew my resume and LinkedIn profile were doing a poor job in representing me. Initially I contacted Michelle to redo my resume and profile. Instead I hired her as a career coach. It was clear after our first conversation she could also able help source leads for jobs and improve my interviewing skills. Through her program we rewrote and edited my resume. Within the first week of sending out my new resume I got 8 interviews and 10X (and counting) the amount of calls. And this is before applying any of the LinkedIn strategies we discussed. I highly recommend her to anyone who needs a career reboot like I did (especially if you are a senior executive or a sales / marketing professional).

Adam Cohen
VP Marketing & Sales, Los Angeles, CA

I feel fortunate to have discovered Michelle after my position was impacted after 15 years with the same company. Michelle was instrumental in guiding me to identify not only my strengths but also understanding how this would translate into my next career move. She took the time to understand my challenges and goals and helped me to do the same. After a couple of strategy sessions, she came up with an awesome resume that adequately covered my vast sales and marketing experience, which rose above the clutter. My resume received praise at every interview. She also provided key pointers for interviewing to keep my focus on my CAR stories (Challenge, Action, Response), which was quite valuable. I give Michelle credit for my landing my dream job by listening to her advice! I feel confident that Michelle will do the same for you!

Cindy Skach
Senior Marketing Leader, San Diego, CA

During our initial conversation I was very impressed with Michelle’s ability to quickly grasp what I was looking to accomplish in branding my career. With her marketing background, branding expertise and a few in-depth conversations Michelle was able to truly represent who I am as a marketing professional. She took my outdated resume and LinkedIn Page and gave both a much-needed makeover. My journey with Michelle solidified things about myself that I can and will use as part of my Professional Brand. The experience was well worth my time, money and effort.

Pat Jones-Petrick
Marketing Director, Orlando, FL


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