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Want To Get Hired Faster?

I’ve been working with executive-level job seekers for several years now. Based on my experience, the three biggest challenges you have right now are:

  • Positioning yourself in a concise and compelling manner to distinguish yourself from others in the job market. People think “I’m good at all these things so I want to cast a wide net to increase my chances of finding a job.” This is a just a recipe for disaster.
  • Finding the right opportunities. Discovering the hidden job market is a challenge and you probably aren’t looking in the right places or even worse you don’t have a strategic plan in place.
  • Getting in the right mindset for job search. Too often I hear, “No one is hiring people my age,” “I don’t have the time to look for a new job,” or “I can’t brag about myself.”

If you are looking for a clear strategy and specific tactics to uncover the hidden job market and land faster, I invite you to apply for a complimentary 45-minute “Brand to Land” strategy session.

During our time together we will go over:

  • Where you want your career to go
  • Where you are currently
  • How to remove your job search roadblocks
  • What other professionals like you have done to make a successful career move

I guarantee by the end of the session, you’ll walk away with at least one actionable idea that will help move your job search forward.

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